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Max the basset made quite an impression on me recently – from the day of the photoshoot in York, to the day of the viewing at his home, where he voiced his opinion on some of the images! An independent wee soul with absolutely bags of character, he has a surprising turn of speed when he gets motoring!

The very first shot of the day was the one in the middle below, with just his tail sticking out from behind the tree! His mum and dad tell me that this image is ‘him down to a t’!! At first I thought it might be a tricky shoot, but Max soon warmed up and happily gave me lots of amazing looks.

Isn’t winter a lovely time for portraits? I think the subtle brown tones make lovely neutral wall art.

Walk with me and several sighthounds on a doggy adventure through the seasons.


I’ve designed a beautiful calendar for sighthound lovers and I think this year is one of my best. The calendar is filled with some of my favourite dog photography, shot in our beautiful Yorkshire countryside over the last twelve months.

Calendars don’t have to be flimsy thin things, I’ve created The Phodographer calendar, like all my products, to be just gorgeous in every way. Printed on matt luxe thick 230 gsm, it has a fine art photograph of a sighthound on every page – and a little fun fact about each one for extra delight each month.
If you love the natural world, you’ll love this calendar because all the images are captured in beautiful woodland and nature reserves throughout the seasons. Think of it as a breath of fresh air on a daily basis – right there on your kitchen wall!


And maybe, just maybe it’ll inspire you to plan a canine portrait for the doggy love of YOUR life too. The Phodographer awaits your call…


Where to buy:

Calendars are going to be limited edition and are currently available for preorder from The Phodographer store here

If you’d like to stock the calendar for your shop, please contact me directly at


“Calendar has arrived today. It is beautiful. Such good value. Lovely photos of my favourite dogs and the quality of the paper (card) so good guaranteed not to fall apart during the year as many others have done. Thank you “

Jean Snelling


  • November 11, 2019 - 3:24 pm

    Judi Scott - Do you have a calendar for 2020ReplyCancel

    • November 11, 2019 - 6:16 pm

      Annemarie - I’m sorry I haven’t created one this year but I’ll be back better than ever with a calendar for 2021ReplyCancel

The heather was so beautiful the day that Olive came up to York for her pet portrait session. She really is the prettiest whippet and I thought the pink of the heather would complement her grey fur beautifully. The picture on the top left is Olive with her mum’s legs. Faye wanted to be on the picture but in an abstract sort of way. The picture on the right is one of my favourite pictures since I launched The Photographer back in 2012, and has appeared in my annual pointy dog calendar and is one of my greetings cards which I have in my online shop.

Lovely Olive. I do hope to photograph her again one of these sunny summer days : )

SO happy to share this shoot today. Rosie Sky and Wizz were so well behaved on their shoot, they did everything their mum asked – and that hardly ever happens on a Phodographer shoot! Wiz is a bit of a dog agility star and was just about to head off to compete at Crufts. She’s co clever : )

I just loved capturing these three and all their  different expressions.

I hadn’t! I knew I was meeting a lady in the woodland car park to photograph her puli but I was not expecting this gorgeous girl to jump out of the car boot. All her hair was down and I couldn’t see which was the front and which was the back!! I was so taken by her lovely dreadlock fur. We held it back with a little hair tie for some of the pictures but just look at her in motion – a lovely ball of joyful movement : )

One of my favourite shoots ever. I met Gill, their mum at a country show in Yorkshire and, when I saw she had a labrador in each colour, ran over and said “you must let me photograph your dogs, they’re gorgeous!!” Not the smoothest sales patter, but it was from the heart and just popped out of my mouth! Ha!

We had the most fun woodland walk photographing them together and separately, when suddenly we heard a SPLOSH! Gill and I looked at each other in horror – one of them had found the muddy pool of water hidden by trees. Before we could take action, two more SPLOSHES followed as all three enjoyed the water. Gill and I could only laugh and luckily we had some shots already in the bag.

When they got out, I shot this picture of the three – dripping wet, a little muddy and very happy with themselves. It turned out to be Gill’s favourite image and I made a wall portrait for her home. After all she told me, this is what they look like quite a lot of the time!

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