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    From their funny little expressions to that sticky up bit of fur on their ears, we’ll capture everything you love about your pet. And we’ll make some ‘muddy good memories’ along the way. Pawsome!

    We think that fun times out with your dog – ambling along a country path or hiking a woodland trail are the perfect times to make beautiful fine art photographs that will capture everything about your pet forever.

    Our commercial pet photography includes both UK wide-location and studio shoots. We also offer a full ‘model find’ and casting service to find you the perfect furry face. We’re over the moon to have been awarded Yorkshire Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year.

    Please click 'information' above for lots more about your doggy portrait session, call 01904 777323 or fill out the contact form above.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share these images of Gemma because she is now no longer with us. Her Mum and Dad brought her to me to be photographed a little while ago,  and we’d hoped to use the bluebell wood, but Sandy mentioned that Gemma’s legs were rather tired now she was a bit older and not to worry if I just had to photograph her on the path near to the car. She might not be able to walk the short distance through the meadow to get to the wood.

Gemma though, had other ideas and shot across the meadow in search of all the lovely new smells her nose could find! We had to laugh, she was having so much fun. We easily made it to the wood and here’s some of the pictures.

Gemma was a lovely, lovely girl who I knew through York greyhound and lurcher walks, she was gentle and beautiful and had the most fantastic ears. To know her was to love her.

  • November 6, 2017 - 4:08 pm

    Sandy Busby - Dear Annemarie,
    When do you ever stop crying?!
    Tina passed on the blog you did about Gemma, thank you it brought back such lovely memories.
    She also told me about your beloved Boo – my heart-felt thoughts are with you at this time.
    It was lovely to see you at the end of the walk – Jessica thought so too!!
    Thanks for your beautiful photos, you have such an amazing gift.
    Sandy xxReplyCancel

In March I received a very exciting phone call from The Kennel Club. During that phone call I was told that I had been placed in the Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year competition. I had to keep this news secret until the announcement yesterday. So, after months of literally BURSTING to say something, I can now tell everyone that I am absolutely over the moon to have been awarded Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year, 3rd place Man’s Best Friend category winner.

The Dog Photographer of the Year is an international competition which had over 10,000 entries from over 74 different countries around the world.

My winning image is this one of Gus the Jack Russell Terrier and his family, taken on one my ‘Muddy Good Hike” doggy photo shoot adventures.

There are some great winning images this year and I’d like to say huge congrats to all the other photographers placed. Check out all the winning images here: or better still visit the exhibition of all the images at the Kennel Club Art Gallery in Mayfair, London from 26th June – 31st August 2017

This is such a nice thing to happen to The Phodographer and means so much. Later this year, we’ll be celebrating five years of business and also this success which has been the most lovely surprise.

One of the great pleasures of being a dog photographer is that I get to hang out with lovely people and their pets. Ambling through the woods is such a nice way to get to know people and I think the strolling and stopping for a set of pictures here and there takes away any anxiety my client may I have about whether their dog will ‘perform’.

The more I find out in my client questionnaire, and the more I learn on our ‘muddy good’ walk about the dog, the better the results, I think.

Stevie is the sweetest most lovely greyhound and I wanted to make sure I captured his laid back, happy self.  Tony, Stevie’s dad says “He’s a big chilled goof ball!”

This is Pip and Roodle. They like to hang out in Pip’s treehouse, go birdwatching together and then curl up to read a good book after their latest adventure, all muddy and happy.

Do you have an inseparable duo that love to go on mini expeditions, bug hunts in the woods or playing at the park? I’d love to capture their special bond for you with a set of images that you’ll love forever.

As we approach Easter, I though it might be nice to open up my diary for ‘Muddy Good Buddies’ photoshoots to families spending some time together over the holidays. I have just a few days available including Good Friday for anyone who’d like me to photograph for them.

Muddy Good Buddies photo shoot adventures are £75 with framed and art worked photographs from £95.

Wishing you and your adventurers a very happy Easter!


dogs in a bluebell wood setting by the photographer

Do you love the colour of bluebells? I’m photographing in the bluebell wood in late April, early May and I have just one Saturday appointment remaining for 6th May for anyone who’d love this as a background for portraits of their dog. Such a beautiful time of year!

This week, very suddenly, we lost darling Nancy the Greyhound who belonged to my good friend, Tina.

Every living thing has its time and, as heart-breaking as it is, if you have to go, I told Tina, if I was a dog I think autumn is the time I would choose.

Winter is too cold, too dark for a dog. Whereas in spring, even though everything is unfurling, greening up and getting ready to bloom, you’d miss the best of the year, the dog days, if you like.

But autumn… in autumn you still have the warm memory of long, sun-soaked summer days behind you. When the leaves start to fall, you’ve felt the sun on your back, your bed has been placed in the garden for snoozing and dreaming, you may have been on holiday with your pack and perhaps, if you’re an especially lucky dog, you have felt the joy of sand beneath your paws and ran, flat out, on the beach.

So, I’d pick autumn over any other month.

Nancy-dog had her summer. More than that, she’d enjoyed many summers… many years with her pack, with her family and her family of friends who loved her so very much.  Sometimes, I whisper to my old greyhound, Patch “just one more summer boy… one more” let’s do all the summer things we love to do.

So this is my celebration of Nancy, who I was lucky enough to photograph a few times over the years. Run fast and free at Rainbow Bridge, sweet Nancy. My Miss October calendar-girl, my funny-eared friend, the pointiest of pointy dogs, we will always love you.

Edited to say: today I received news that my other good friend Jane and fellow Team Pointy (greyhound walk organiser) lost their darling girl Dolly, so close after losing Babe earlier this year. I’m heartbroken for you.

Here’s Dolly, Babe, Mack and Marvyn in happier times all together in their local park x


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