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This week, very suddenly, we lost darling Nancy the Greyhound who belonged to my good friend, Tina.

Every living thing has its time and, as heart-breaking as it is, if you have to go, I told Tina, if I was a dog I think autumn is the time I would choose.

Winter is too cold, too dark for a dog. Whereas in spring, even though everything is unfurling, greening up and getting ready to bloom, you’d miss the best of the year, the dog days, if you like.

But autumn… in autumn you still have the warm memory of long, sun-soaked summer days behind you. When the leaves start to fall, you’ve felt the sun on your back, your bed has been placed in the garden for snoozing and dreaming, you may have been on holiday with your pack and perhaps, if you’re an especially lucky dog, you have felt the joy of sand beneath your paws and ran, flat out, on the beach.

So, I’d pick autumn over any other month.

Nancy-dog had her summer. More than that, she’d enjoyed many summers… many years with her pack, with her family and her family of friends who loved her so very much.  Sometimes, I whisper to my old greyhound, Patch “just one more summer boy… one more” let’s do all the summer things we love to do.

So this is my celebration of Nancy, who I was lucky enough to photograph a few times over the years. Run fast and free at Rainbow Bridge, sweet Nancy. My Miss October calendar-girl, my funny-eared friend, the pointiest of pointy dogs, we will always love you.

Edited to say: today I received news that my other good friend Jane and fellow Team Pointy (greyhound walk organiser) lost their darling girl Dolly, so close after losing Babe earlier this year. I’m heartbroken for you.

Here’s Dolly, Babe, Mack and Marvyn in happier times all together in their local park x


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