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Leaves are flying all around, two happy paws hit the tops of my legs and I hear the joyful bark of my little doggy client as she scoots about the woodland.

She comes by to collect a treat and I photograph her little inquisitive nose looking up at my camera. Click! Gotcha!!

She pauses to listen to something in the distance, one paw raised. There we go!!

She is getting tired now , she goes into a sit position and I zoom in showing off her sparkling eyes, her love for her human.

We are all a little muddy, the pup, her human and me. But that’s ok,  we are laughing at the fun time we have just had, all the crazy little quirks of their baby that we have just captured, and we leave the wood happy that we have just made a collection of images that will be loved forever.

You see, a session with The Phodographer has nothing to do with a white canvas backdrop and everything to do with making natural, happy portraits of your dog enjoying themselves in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Being the dog that you see everyday with all their glorious personality shining through.


“I stumbled across your website, and I have to say, your pictures are phenomenal! Really and honestly, I’ve looked at so many others and your images are some of the best I’ve seen from a UK photographer. They just have a sparkle about them. I love the way you use the tones of image to compliment the dogs colours, and your use of colours to create beautiful bokeh.” Liz

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